Sandra Meunier

is going to star in the short film ‘I am not a zombie’ later this month.

Sandra Meunier

filmed a short filmĀ  this weekend for the 24h Challenge – Dear Mummy.

Florence Odumosu

is playing Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing, at the Vaults later this month

Giogio Borghes

recorded an Italian V.O. as the ‘Voice of London’ for a one woman show

Christopher Poke

will be an Irish priest for a graduation film at LFS.

Alex Dowding

is involved in this great event!

Sandra Meunier

is working with Ice&Fire/ human rights and human trafficking on Sunday afternoon in Epping. This is a free event, warmly recommended!

Giorgio Borghes

is doing a fundraiser event in Bologna later this month!

Richard Innocent

Richard Innocent is starring in 2022 by Colleen Prendergast again at Chelsea Theatre

Roberto Landi

Roberto is working on the play Borderline – a play about Calais refugee. The play will be not only played in Britain, but also Europe and India!